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Seven fiery comets hurtling towards Earth.

 I had never seen that card before, or since. Yet, there it was, staring back at me from a make-shift mystics table at a local vintage shop during Highland Park Art Walk. Prior to that evening, I had rarely had my tarot cards read, but something about that moment called to me. 

"Change. BIG change.", was the message. 

At the time, I had thought that it simply meant changing my career, and being a full time artist, but as those metaphorical comets started to fall, I realized it was much bigger than that. 

There was a suicide attempt in my family.

My maternal grandfather, a huge father figure in my life, collapsed shortly thereafter, and died within weeks. 

At one point, during his decline, he grabbed my hand as I was going to say goodbye for the night. He had been medicated and unable to communicate through traditional terms, but they say the veil is thin when someone is close to death, and it's true. He was smiling with his eyes closed, and as he grabbed my hand, he held it so tight and wouldn't let go. I asked him if he 'would be there in the morning', feeling that he wouldn't if I left. He just smiled, as if he was seeing something amazing. As he held my hand, I saw something like a spiral double helix inside of me with all of these doors flying open and as they did, all I could do was sob uncontrollably. I stayed by his side all night.

Shortly there after, he was gone, and I was in the beginnings of a profound spiritual awakening.

So much of this album is inspired by those seven fiery comets, and all the metaphors they unfolded for me.

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